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Hair Extensions

Beauty industry is constantly developing and never fails to surprise us with amazing novelties. Let’s take hair extensions for example.

Although hair extensions has gained popularity quite recently, its quality has improved greatly within last years. Alongside new technologies in hair extensions procedure, important changes have taken place in the natural hair market as well.

Finding the right source and extension method depends on your hair type and budget. The most popularis tape-in extensions which can be used on any hair type: straight or curly.

It`s more important to decide which hair you need to buy.

Synthetic or natural hair: buy hair

Human hair is a more popular choice. Synthetic hair is cheaper and easier to find but when it comes to purchasing hair, quality is everything.

The same goes with wigs which are not so popular right now because of the variety of extensions hair . Many decide to buy hair with bigger price - it will look real, healthy and withstand heat styling.

How to choose hair and care about it

Extensions or wigs must look real and undetectable. That`s why it`s not so easy to buy hair. The hair additions must match the texture of your natural hair .

And the best way to make your new extensions look perfect is a great cut.

So natural hair additions can be shampooed and conditioned, curled, blow dried and flat ironed. Our hair comes in a variety of shades and lengths to choose from. But it`s important to care for extensions hair especially with wet hair.

Remember to keep away oil products from the roots, to use a heat protection spray and try not to overstyle the hair.

Nowadays deep wave texture is one of the most popular hairstyles. It`s not only beautiful and glamorous but also useful and comfortable. It can add volume to all hair types. This is the main reason why so many women decide to choose exactly deep wave hair extensions.

How to sell hair

Is it possible to sell your own hair? If it`s healthy and good-looking, of course there won`t be problem. You can sell short or long hair, virgin and braided hair, highlighted or even dyed hair if it`s in a good condition. It should also look more undetectable and must be able to stand any treatment.

It may be a great idea to sell hair if you just decide to cut long hair. Remember that a ponytail must be cut off dry. Do not cut hair before you have found a buyer or a hair store.

Fresh cut is more expensive and healthy hair that shines fetch a better price.