All types of hair from around the world

Internet shop “Ukrhair” sells natural hair and is an ideal partner for wig and hair products manufacturers. We sell wholesale all kinds of natural hair. Our company offers you both raw hair and processed hair 100% ready for further use in manufacturing.

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The key difference between washed and unwashed hair is that the latter is ready for immediate use. In the process of washing we detect no – remy hair, non-visible before washing, wash out the dirt, straighten displaced hair in the top of the ponytail and finally, only after washing the real texture of the hair is revealed. In the process of washing the hair loses approximately 15-30% of its weight.This is the primary reason why washed hair costs more than raw hair. However, if you chose to buy washed hair, you receive a product 100% ready for manufacturing thus saving resources, personnel and its qualifications expenses, and technological developments costs.

Alongside with washed hair we sell raw human hair, aimed predominantly at wholesale human hair buyers. We offer hair of different texture and shades.

The main competitive advantage of “Ukrhair” is wide and quality range of human hair. It includes natural European hair, also labelled as Russian hair or Slavic hair, as well as hair from the Central Asian countries or so called Uzbeks hair and Asian hair.

The two last of the aforementioned “Ukrhair” Company bleach and we name them bleached hair. For many years we have been cooperating with numerous plants and factories, major enterprises and studios engaged in natural hair products manufacturing as well as with famous theatres.

The main advantage of cooperation with “Ukrhair” Company is our reliability, long-term focus and meticulously selected raw hair. Our unique range and prompt service will allow you to save time and purchase premium-quality raw material for your manufacture.


Manufacture of custom made hair products

Manufacture of custom made hair products

Ukrhair offers the service of hair products customization

European, Asian hair. Sell natural human hair