Asian Hair bulk

The Ukrhair company presents Asian unwashed (bulk) hair for wholesale. This type of hair is characterized by affordable price and ability to purchase the necessary amount of hair at a low cost. This type of Asian hair provides a decent quality and appearance of wigs, hair extensions and so on. Secure yourself from the purchase of goods of improper quality you can only if you purchase the product from reliable suppliers with experience with Asian hair. When buying Asian hair from casual sellers you can face the problem of their quality, the abundance of upturned and short hair inside the tail, and so on.

Our company has established system of collecting hair in Asian countries, where our trained professionals work.

Selection is only made in the region where collectors can collect the desired structure and thickness. Special attention is paid to the quality of the hair.

Through careful quality selection, our partners and customers who prefer to buy raw hair, they get only high-quality goods.

Asian Hair Bulk

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The use of Asian hair type:

Asian Hair Bulk for Hairextensions


Asian Hair Bulk for Hairpieces


Asian Hair Bulk for Wigs