Custom Made Hair Extensions

Custom Made Hair Extensions

Buying raw hair, you may order the service of customized hair extensions.

To make an order, just attach a photo of an exact copy (sample) of hair extensions. Indicate the type of hair extensions desired and we will make exactly what you need to get.

You may choose any hair extension from below mentioned products, which are in high demand all over the world:

- Hand tied hair wefts
– Machine sewn hair wefts
– Clip-in hair wefts
– Add-ons
– Chignons
– Capsule hair extension (Keratin hair extension)

Our company offers an exclusive service of hand tied products:


- Hand tied hair wefts

- Handmade capsules (hand braiding)

Hand braiding of hair wefts allows to control the number of hair to be added to each weft lock. Volume of weaved locks may be managed by size, i.e. small, medium or large. Unlike machine sewn wefts, size and volume of hand tied wefts may be custom made.

Hand capsule bonding has an advantage of opportunity to regulate the volume of weaved hair (the standard is 0.8 grams, but by hand it is possible to make it one gram).

Quality of custom made products conforms to the highest standards recognized in hair extension industry all over the world.

Hand tied hair wefts

Wigs and various hair extensions are generally based on hair which is braided in a special manner. Strands are made according to customer’s needs and types of hair extensions. Customized wigs and hair extensions are often made by hand tying strands on threads. Various techniques are used to tie hair on threads.
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Hand tying allows to prepare base materials thoroughly and delicately and the further product strength mostly depends on tying technique. Two techniques of hand tying – one-turn and two-turn weft – vary in thickness and strength. The technique when strands are sewn in two turns on three threads is preferably chosen to make high quality endurable wigs and hair extensions.

Machine sewn hair wefts

Wefts are machine sewn in large-scale production. Machine technique of weft sewing accelerates tying process considerably and is much cheaper. Weft thickness may vary in case of machine sewing as well. When buying such wefts the close attention should be paid to sewing quality.
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Machine sewn weft made by a skilled craftsman will last longer and will not differentiate from your own original hair. Price of machine sewn weft is the second thing to think over when buying high-quality machine sewn wefts for wig making.

Clip-in hair wefts

Clip in hair wefts are attached to hair horizontally in several rows by means of hair clips. It is a simple and harmless hair extension technique helping your customers to change their look easily.
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Clip in hair wefts have an uncontroversial advantage in that your clients will be able to enhance their haircut volume and hair length at home and on their own. Obviously, women who like changing their look from time to time will prefer these very hair extensions.


Add-ons is a generic name for weaved hair. They include various products. In modern understanding this term means a wide range of hair extensions attached in different ways. Add-ons are made of natural or synthetic hair. Add-ons of natural, virgin hair not subject to chemical treatment are of high quality and thus most in demand. Such add-ons are of natural appearance and care taken for them should be almost the same as for woman’s own hair.
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They can be washed by shampoo, dyed and moisturized. The same hair care methods as for original woman’s hair can be used. Artificial hair add-ons are much cheaper but they have restricted application. Such products must match the color of the hair exactly, yet even in case of maximum similarity artificial hair may differ from one’s own hair due to its structure. Furthermore they wear out rapidly and lose their original appearance.


There is a variety of hairdressing and chignon-based products made of natural hair. So-called braided chignon is in high demand. Fake ponytails are often used for wedding hairdressing and for festive occasions. Ponytail chignon is attached above one’s own braid giving the hair-dress volume and length, and so allows extending variants of hairdressing.
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Other types of chignons such as chignon topknots, chignon fringe and chignon buns are also widespread. They all enable getting volume and length to your hair-dress, changing a style quickly and harmlessly and creating a look suited to every fancy.

Capsule hair extension

Unlike weaved hair, capsule extensions allow to reduce the likelihood of difference between hair extensions and one’s own hair significantly. To achieve this effect the extensions are attached directly to one’s own original hair by means of keratin capsules. There are several techniques of attaching keratin capsules to hair strands. Hot fusion method implies heating keratin substance in order to make the extensions adhere to the hair. As for cold fusion, capsules are attached by means of glue.
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The techniques have established names and Italian and English fusion hair extension techniques are so-called hot fusion methods. Spanish hair extension is performed by gluing strands. Other cold fusion methods are in common practice either, such as ultrasonic and micro capsule fusion hair extension.

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