Slavic Bleached Hair

Slavic Bleached Hair

Slavic (Russian) natural hair is well known and popular throughout the world. Its popularity is due primarily factors such as the variety of patterns and colors. Slavic hair has a large palette of colors from natural light, blonde shades to dark. However, at present the number of high-quality Russian natural light hair and other popular hair colors on the market of raw materials is reduced. It becomes more and more difficult to collect it in the necessary quantities, and it affects the price and raises the costs year after year. Many consumers who buy the natural hair (beauty salons, manufacturing plants for the production of wigs and so on) switching to the Uzbek bleached or Asian hair for this reason. However, there are many companies who for various reasons want to continue to work with the Slavic/Russian hair, but can’t pay for them the market price.

For these clients we offer developed by us product position, this is discolored (bleached) Slavic hair. It is based on 100% gray natural Slavic hair, which is bleached before and then is colored in various shades of light color. The original structure of Slavic hair is with intact cuticle, soft and silky. Quality materials provide coloring pigment resistant to wash-off for several years, which is checked by our businesses and our salons. Russian bleached hair has the best recommendations from both masters of salons, as well as from customers. We are pleased to offer this quality product to you as well.

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Asian Bleached Hair Dark


Asian Bleached Hair Brawn


Asian Bleached Hair Light