Uzbek Bleached Hair

Uzbek Bleached Hair

Uzbek Bleached hair is another type of hair we want to introduce to you. Despite the fact that the Uzbek hair is collected in Asia (on the territory of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in part), it’s a separate group among Asian hair. Because it has texture similar to European Russian hair. According to its characteristics Uzbek hair is very similar to the European with its usual softness and silkiness. This hair also has naturally body wave. Therefore Uzbek hair is very popular around the world in the hair extensions salonsas an excellent substitute for European hair. Uzbek hair after bleaching and coloring gets beautiful European natural light shades. Nice and easy to work with this hair and it’s amenable to treatment with the latest hair extensions technologies.

If your clients have light hair colors, they want to make hair extension and to have high-quality, beautiful, long-lasting, but not expensive hair, then the Uzbek bleached hair is exactly what you need.

Discoloration of Uzbek hair is made by hand in our factory in Europe, with a special technology, through which hair cuticle remains alive, soft and silky.

Uzbek Bleached Hair

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The Uzbek Bleached  Hair colour spectrum:

Uzbek Bleached Hair Dark


Uzbek Bleached Hair Brawn


Uzbek Bleached hair Light