All types of hair from around the world

We are pleased to introduce you to all hair types, which can be used in the beauty industry: technology of hair extensions, wigs manufacture and chignons, hairpieces, head-falsies etc. The main advantage of our company is a wide range of high quality natural hair.

The most valuable type of hair is considered to be European (often also referred to as Slavic or Russian hair). This hair is collected in the territory of the former Soviet Union: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and the countries of Scandinavia.

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This is the most valuable hair for the real masters of the beauty industry. The main advantage of European hair is the versatility and quality structure. Products from this hair have a long lifetime without loss of properties and appearance. Also a valuable feature of European (Slavic, Russian) hair is natural light shades, as well as a large range of colors from light to dark shades.

«UKRHAIR» provides only quality and carefully selected European (Russian hair). We supply this type of hair in leading beauty salons in Europe and North America. Our customers are European companies for the production of wigs, including the cancer center. We are present in this market for many years and proved ourselves as a reliable business partner.

Besides European Slavic hair we can also provide Uzbek type of natural hair. Uzbek hair appeared relatively recently on the market and had proved to be a good raw material for the production of hair extensions and wigs. Regions of collecting of this hair are Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. From other Asian hair, Uzbek hair has more thin structure similar to the structure of European hair. Therefore Uzbek hair can be as a good substitute for European hair, and is has a lower price. Also Uzbek hair has a beauty natural body wavy structure in most cases, which may be important in the production of curly wigs and hairpieces. Uzbek hair is well to applying of hot technologies of hair extension associated with heating.

Due to the shortage of European, Slavic popular natural light hair shades in recent years and rising prices for this hair, salons and many businesses use discolored (bleached) hair. For these customers, we offer several types of bleached hair, the most popular of which is the Uzbek bleached hair closest to the structure of European hair. Discoloration takes place by special technology on the European plant with a multi-stage quality control. Due to the unique technology of bleaching and specially selected materials discolored hair supplied by us has a live cuticle, and is soft and silky.

Our company can also provide Asian hair, including gray hair.

All hair is available in two versions: washed and combed hair (‘washed’), and raw bulk hair (‘bulk’). Washed hair is different from the unwashed that it is immediately ready for use. When cleaning we identify upturned hair, remove dirt, make the hair alignment in the header of the tail. The washing process reveals the real texture of the hair. When washing the hair loses 30% of its weight, so it is somewhat higher price.

In our company you can order custom-made hair products, such as:
– hand-tied tress;
– machine tress;
– tress with clips (clip-in hair extensions);
– chignon;
– hairpiece;
– capsule extension (keratin extension);
– tape hair extension (polymer extension).

The quality of the products we produce for you, meet the highest standards of the industry of hair extension in the western countries. Delivery is to any country in the world.

We will be glad to see you among our clients. Our managers are always happy to advise you and answer all your questions.

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