European hair Bulk

European Hair Bulk

Ukrhair company presents hair in bulk for wholesale, unwashed raw natural European hair, also called as ‘Slavic’ or ‘Russian’ hair. Hair is collected by our representatives in the European territory of the CIS countries, as well as in the Nordic countries.

European hair is the most valuable type of hair for the representatives of the beauty industry. In the manufacture of wigs and hair extensions European hair is the most versatile, as is has a wide palette of shades from natural light to dark tones. Russian blonde hair characterized by fine and silky structure, and its natural light shade is currently quite rare, so much appreciated by specialists.

Products made of European hair are particularly durable and even after long wearing period they retain their beautiful appearance.

Unwashed European hair bulk is slightly cheaper than washed hair, but you can be sure that you buy the best quality goods. Our specialists have years of experience and carefully select raw materials. We appreciate the trust of our customers. Our company is present in this market for many years and has established itself as a reliable business partner.

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