European hair Washed

European Hair washed

On the market of natural human hair for wigs and hair extension European type of hair is stable in a great demand. This hair type is also called as ‘Slavic’ or ‘Russian’ hair. This hair is collected in the territory of the CIS countries, especially Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and the countries of Scandinavia.

Popularity of European hair is caused by factors such as:
– a variety of textures;
– a large palette of colors and shades from natural light to dark tones.

In this section, we present to you washed European hair. Washed hair is the product immediately ready for use. When the cleaning process removes any dirt, identifies inverted hair and align the hair in the header of the tail. Washing process allows you to open up and see the real texture of the hair.

When the cleaning is a loss of 15% to 30% of the original weight of hair, so washed hair is more expensive. Nevertheless, we recommend this type of hair, because it does not require additional processing and allow consumers to save by reducing personnel costs and reduced process steps.

World-renowned companies for the production of wigs, studios and hair extension salons purchase European (Slavic, Russian) hair from us, because they can always be assured of its quality and authenticity. Our experts, using many years of experience, always carefully select raw materials, because they value their reputation and the trust of our customers.

European hair

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The European Hair colour spectrum:

European hair dark


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